About Adtrax

For over two decades Adtrax has been providing a hugely successful copyright clearance, licensing and re-record facility for the Film, TV, Advertising and Gaming Industries.


Why Adtrax:

  • We negotiate the terms and conditions and the fees for the music with publishers, record companies and copyright owners.
  • The terms of your contract are tailored specifically for you in the negotiations, including edits, scripts, term length and fees.
  • We license on behalf of your client so that all re-negotiations and renewals are handled at source.
  • Adtrax maintains regular, one-to-one dialogue with the Managing Directors of the major record labels and publishing houses both globally and locally, ideally positioning us for negotiation and exploitation of music for our clients.
  • We will discuss your concept and get a feel for what you and your client need from the project.
  • We take time to develop a rapport with your creatives.
  • Then we deliver a selection of appropriate music for your project.
  • With a background in copyright law, music publishing and distribution Adtrax steers our clients through the potential pitfalls and copyright infringement issues which abound in the modern music industry.



Deke O'BrienDeke O’Brien C.E.O. ADTRAX is a composer, musician and publisher with a rich history in music production, sound engineering and live performance. Deke is passionate about Music and in 1978 founded and ran Ireland’s first independent music label Scoff Records.

Deke is a founder director of IMRO and current director of the MCPS Ireland board. Active in copyright clearance, sub-publishing for the major catalogues worldwide since the early 90’s.